A trained therapist can mean all the difference in your recovery!

In the pattern of those who put together successful recoveries, part of the profile is being with a skilled therapist. Usually, therapy lasts at least three years and up to five years. Here are the things to look for:

  1. More than likely you will join a twelve step group. Ask members of the group who are the good therapists who work with sex addicts. In the twelve step communities word spreads quickly about the "good" ones. 

  2. Look for a CSAT (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist). This is an extended training process that includes critical concepts and supervision in working with sex addicts. A directory of CSAT professionals is found at the website for the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals.

  3. If you cannot find a CSAT therapist in your local area, another option is to look for someone who specializes in general addiction work. Other organizations that can help you are:

Adapted from guidelines written by Patrick Carnes, PhD